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Super Fine Linen thread is the ultimate linen thread. It is made to be used on a sewing machine  but also it still works perfectly for hand sewing.


The filaments are created in a special way giving a finer filament that when twisted together gives a smoother thread.


The thread is given a very light waxing that allows it to be used on a machine but still has enough wax for hand sewing. The smoother thread reduces friction when stitching improving both the experience and the final appearance.


Super Fine comes on a machine ready click spool ( allowing you to keep the threads ends neat and tidy)


Wisteria Superfine Linen Thread

Spool Size
  • Thread Quantity



    M30 0.35mm - 420m

    M40 0.45mm - 250m

    M50 0.55mm - 220m

    M60 0.65mm - 140m



    M30 0.35mm - 150m

    M40 0.45mm - 90m

    M50 0.55mm - 80m

    M60 0.65mm - 50m