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Wuta Stainless Steel Sewing Needles 


12 Saddlers' Harness needles in paper envelope. Large eye, round-pointed needles. 

Use for all hand stitched leather craft work and harness/saddle repairs and Plaiting


Size No.1 - - 48mm length x 0.9mm diameter, recommend to thread 0.6mm or below

Size N0.2 - - 55mm length x 0.5mm diameter, recommend to thread 0.7mm or below 





----Easy to handle: with extra long eye, peaked tip and thick shaft, the stitching needles are easy to thread yarn through even without a threader

----Sturdy large-eye needles: made of stainless steel, they are sturdy enough for leather working, and some thick clothes or shoes repair, vinyl upholstery mend

----Smooth surface: the steel material is polished enough to give a smooth stitch; The embroidery hand needles can weave in ends and sew up seams on knit and crochet projects

----Large eye hand needles: these needle with large eye is easy to thread by hand even for a person with poor eye sight and poor coordination with her hands

Wuta Stainless Steel Sewing Needles